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source: HOMI

| Designbest editorial staff


he tenth edition of HOMI - The Lifestyle Trade Fair that twice a year presents the latest trends as well as new perspectives, opens its doors from the 14th to the 17th September 2018. Once again, we take our cues from the many décor ideas on display as well as the latest trends of the field: from new types of fabric to handmade decorations, from products that focus on innovation to ones for your free-time, HOMI is a vibrant stage this year too.

Although, we aren’t only focusing on objects and furniture: the modern home is a statement of your personality and taste, it tells a story, it illustrates your aspirations and creativity. For its tenth birthday in fact, HOMI is a dynamic, versatile stage, capable of influencing you, evoking different emotions and suggesting new ways of living that unexpectedly mix different genres.

The pots and the pans on display are so bewitching they add a special touch to any table, glass and resins are combined with chrome metals, natural fabrics opt for earth tones and decorate the new fashionable home with floral patterns and silky weaves (Editoria Tessile is a section not to be missed). Besides, the past plays with the future, familiar shapes are juxtaposed to bold designs: contrasts are the real trend of the moment.

The new home is a mosaic of different styles and colours, olfactory accents and multisensory backdrops (new home fragrances, diffusers, incense, candles and potpourri), handmade objects (in the section HOMI Creazioni) and self-funded limited edition pieces (in the section Da uno a cento). In addition this year, HOMI presents HOMI FOOD, a section especially aimed at foodies with agri-food products that are transformed into real designer objects that make ideal gifts too. From food to conviviality, this last stop is a must: take a break in Interni Cafè with its rich menu, a new installation that promotes relaxation and conversation


Where: HOMI Milano, Rho Fiera, Italy

When: 14 - 17 September 2018


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