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Saatchi Gallery London   (ph: Massimiliano Polles) 

| Designbest editorial staff


s the event’s curator, no person other than Giulio Cappellini could have been more befitting to personally welcome all the attendees of the first edition of I-MADE. This exhibition/event has put on display in the Saatchi Gallery, an authentic temple of art and culture in the city of London, a selection of the best of the Italian scene such as art, design and top-quality manufacturer.

For three consecutive days, the rooms of this prestigious gallery were brought to life by Italian creativity with exhibitions, talks and moments of conviviality, reiterating the intention set forward by the promoting committee: to bring Italian design culture to London, a strategic international stage, thus creating a new opportunity for distinction.

For the inaugural event Giulio Cappellini, as he is a seasoned storyteller, could count on the participation of the key players of the scene, such as the firms present as part of a special section as well as those who have taken part in the exhibition Take a seat.



Acting as a common thread, this red carpet connected the over 2500 square metres of the Saatchi Gallery, in which the over fifty participant firms are present, in a rarefied atmosphere.

Organized in an itinerary with a strong visual impact, the installations of the top Italian interior design firms include the likes of AliasMorosoCappelliniPorroEmuEthimoMartinelli Luce a CC-Tapis, da Tonelli Design and Icone Luce. In a journey of great visual impact combining tradition and modernity, they are expertly joined to top artisans and benchmark organizations such as the Sanlorenzo shipyard and the Florim group.


This original exhibition formal, distinctly not neutral, aimed at interpreting and narrating Italian design through the richness as well as the artistic value of its industrial production.  A striking example is Take a seat that shines a light on the extraordinary seats created over time by the Italian industry: the display, although vaguely museum-like, has not intimidated visitors at all, who rather enjoyed to interact in total freedom with the projects of the masters of yesterday and today.


Un puro distillato di creatività italiana che ha trovato voce anche nei vivaci talks che hanno arricchito la manifestazione. Primo su tutti, quello che ha fatto dialogare alcuni dei protagonisti più brillanti dell’imprenditoria italiana, da Roberto Gavazzi a Giulia Molteni, da Patrizia Moroso a Patrizia Urquiola, con “il padrone di casa” a tessere le fila, Giulio Cappellini.  Grande passione, energia, ricerca costante di nuovi talenti, cultura del progetto che cresce e si contamina attraverso la stratificazione di relazioni anche internazionali: sono state queste le parole chiavi scelte per raccontare la creatività italiana e la sua tensione alla qualità a tutto tondo, non solo di prodotto, ma anche aziendale. Una lettura esaustiva e puntuale che ha svelato il segreto del fare italiano e i tratti distintivi del Made in Italy nel mondo.

Therefore, I-MADE 2019 is a first edition full of potential, destined to grow thanks to connections with the multitude of Italian showrooms, from Molteni&C to Cassina, from Lema to Boffi /De Padova  (recently opened in the elegant district of Chelsea). If on the one hand this event has underlined the expressive power of Made in Italy, which in London can already boast the activity of many outlets, on the other hand it promises to be an interesting catalyst capable of opening, in the immediate future, a new dialogue between Italian design and the international market.


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