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Molteni Museum: exhibition "I Primi Moderni"

| Designbest editorial staff


xhibition I Primi Moderni is on at the Molteni Museum, Giussano, northern Italy, from the 16th November 2016 until the 23rd December. I Primi Moderni puts on display designs by iconic Italian brand Molteni, entries of the international furniture competition Selettiva di Cantù, which took place between 1955 and 1975.

I Primi Moderni takes you on a twenty-year long journey through the history of modern design, stressing the importance the Selettiva di Cantù had for changing the course of Italian interior design. In fact, the Selettiva di Cantù prompted a move from traditionally manufactured furniture in classic aesthetics to contemporary design as we now know it.

Molteni first experimented with “modern” aesthetics in 1955: furniture inspired by Scandinavian names like Werner Blaser and Carlo De Carli. This moment marks a move from handmade pieces to mass-produced furniture. However, it wasn't until 1968 that Molteni bridged the gap between tradition and innovation; this was the year when Luca Meda became the brand’s artistic director and made a move towards contemporary style. 

During this exhibition, the rooms of the Molteni Museum will retrace this period of great change. Visitors are encouraged to go back in time, going behind the scenes with iconic pieces by the brand. This event illustrates the superior quality of a brand that rode the wave of stylistic innovation, yet never letting go if its traditional background.


Where: Molteni Museum, via Rossini, Giussano, Milan, Italy

When: 16 November - 23 December 2016



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