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Alias @ Il Design nelle Dimore (table Manzù)

| Designbest editorial staff


l Design nelle Dimore (lit. The Design in the Mansions) is the name of a new project dedicated to Lombard genius loci. It aims to promote the territory and its historical sites through the outstanding works of companies of international fame.

In fact, from time to time different brands will be invited to show off their products inside an historical and meaningful space in a prechosen city, shining a light on the intrinsic bonds between the history of the place and objects of design.

In its first edition, the event marks two occasions: the eightieth anniversary of the birth of Pio Manzù (1939-1969), son of sculptor Giacomo Manzù, and the fiftieth anniversary of his untimely death. Emphasized both out of a responsibility and a desire to highlight the innovative spirit of this brilliant protagonist and pioneer of Italian automotive and ergonomic design.

That’s why the first stop on the project’s presentation, at Villa Cipressi in Varena, is dedicated to the design works of Pio Manzù. It includes products from some of the sector’s biggest companies such as Alessi, Alias, Flos, Kartell and Alias.

Among the standout pieces, there is Manzu’s armchair and table, reworked by Alias in full respect of the original project. The former was inspired by motorsport seats and the latter created for the Agnelli family’s home in Rome. Both projects reflect Pio Manzu’s ability to see beyond the canonical aesthetics and functions of the time. It’s not by chance that they have been chosen by Alias to be reissued; they reflect the brand’s innovative capacity to translate the past into contemporary style.


When: until 3 November 2019
Where: Villa Cipressi, Varenna, Italy


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