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Exhibition: "50+! Il grande gioco dell’industria"

| Designbest editorial staff


ou still have time until the 13th May to catch the exhibition 50+! Il grande gioco dell’industria (lit. the great industry game), on display at the Ordine degli Architetti in Milan, namely the Milan branch of the Italian architectural association. With over 50 pieces, 50+! Il grande gioco dell’industria is an iconographic exhibition on “Made in Italy” design. These are all pieces which have played a key role in the economic history of Italy and which throughout the years, have shaped cultural habits and society as a whole.

From chairs to typewriters and from shoes to beer bottles; these exhibits are part of the permanent collection of archives and museums affiliated to the Museo Impresa scheme and they build a sort of time machine, a narrative marked by inventions, ideas and risks. This exhibition includes both big brands and independent artisans and what’s more, it illustrates how rapidly evolving technology has shaped the collective imaginary.

So, it’s definitely worth your time. 50+! Il grande gioco dell’industria illustrates the social history and economic growth of a nation, also painting a detailed picture of the times we live in. Furthermore, we promise you’ll leave with many different ideas, as well as a newfound interest for the history of contemporary product design.

Where: Ordine degli Architetti, 19 via Solferino, Milan, Italy
When: 12 April - 13 May 2016

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