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In the Garden of Eden with Alessandro Mendini

| Designbest editorial staff


orn from Antonio Colombo’s idea and curated by Stefano Casciani, with the collaboration of Elisa and Fulvia Mendin, the exhibition is called In the Garden of Eden. A landscape of things with Alessandro Mendini and friends and is homage to the master and his conception of collaboration.

A heterogeneous group of authors and artists participated in it at the Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea in Milan: Vincent Beaurin, Massimo Caiazzo, Riccardo Dalisi, Michele De Lucchi, Anna Gili, Jaime Hayon, Dorota Koziara and Karim Rashid just to name a few. It is a sort of design collective ready to demonstrate “Mendini’s theorem”, i.e., that “the creative result produced by a group of people is greater than the number of single contributions”. This collective work, “the miracle of the group”, made up of various perspectives, forms and people is what always seduced and attracted Mendini.

The exhibition displays paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, glass, furniture and objects. They are unique pieces or editions created by those artists who are part of the Italian and international artistic and design scene and with whom Mendini collaborated and shared experiences.

There is a melting-pot of ideas, impressions, style and perspectives which represent Mendini’s philosophy and modus operandi well with their collective experimentation and influences. At the center of the designer’s work there were always collaborations with other creators: artists, architects, designers, artisans, musicians, and writers. All you need to do is consider the editorial staff of the legendary magazine Casabella, the “Nuova Utopia” with Domus, the Studio Alchimia or the Atelier Mendini to come across the hundreds of names Mendini successfully collaborated and worked with on big and small aesthetic revolutions.

In the Garden of Eden (the biblical paradise which appears in one of his philosophical diagrams) symbolically creates a new group which represents the variety and originality of individual ideas and attitudes. The Gallery’s exhibition projects us into a colorful and diverse world and opens the doors onto a kaleidoscope of art and design as was intended and handed down by Alessandro Mendini.

Seeing the world from a new point of view, finding a non-institutionalized way of interpretation, focusing on paradoxes, metaphors, excess and irony are the keys to Mendini’s world. It is dreamlike, imaginative, visionary, forward-thinking and made to push us to be more critical and open ourselves to unexpected visions of everyday life.

Where: November 25, 2021 – March 12, 2022
When: Galleria Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea, via Solferino 44, Milan, Italy



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