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Vico Magistretti: exhibition "Interni Milanesi, chapter 2"

| Designbest editorial staff


here’s a follow up to the exhibition Interni Milanesi – Architetture domestiche di Vico Magistretti (lit. Milanese interiors – domestic architecture by Vico Magistretti), on earlier in the year. In fact, the second part of the exhibition recently opened on the 16th June 2016.

The three-part exhibition series Interni Milanesi focuses on both the domestic and interior design projects of Italian architect Vico Magsitretti, especially those in the city of Milan and surrounding areas. By putting on display different examples of Vico Magistretti’s work, Interni Milanesi illustrates the architect’s signature style (stairs, fireplaces, door-openings, etc...) as well as his furniture designs.

The current exhibition illustrates four different projects: the via Verri apartment (1953-1954), the via Jommelli apartment (1969) and the via Bellini home (1953), found in a building constructed by Pier Giulio Magistretti, Vico Magistretti’s father. They shine a light in the life of an enlightened middle-class (to which the architect belonged), keen on modernity and who had developed a taste for unique aesthetics. However, the fourth project, located in San Felice di Segrate, a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Milan,  and built in partnership with architect and urban designer Luigi Caccia Dominioni (1967 – 1975) uses a different language, namely one that tries to adapt the same principles of estate construction.

This exhibition is a must, especially if you have missed the first part of the series (opened on the 24th March 2016) or want to know more on the work of this iconic architect. With freehand sketches and original drawings, Interni Milanesi takes you straight to the heart of Vico Magistretti’s work, almost as if you had seen him working in his studio or in one of his apartments, besides getting to know these true architectural gems dotted around the city of Milan.

The third and last chapter will follow in autumn. It’ll illustrate the architect’s work in Gallarate and Olmi di Baggio, both on the outskirts of Milan, as well as other apartments he designed in the fifties.


Where: Fondazione Studio Museo Vico Magistretti, 20 via Conservatorio, Milan, Italy

When: 24 March 2016 - 18 February 2017



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