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Salone del Mobile Milano. Shanghai 2018  (Courtesy Salone del Mobile.Milano)

| Designbest editorial staff


he Salone del Mobile landed in Shanghai for its third edition and once again, it proved a great hit with the Chinese public. From the 22nd to the 24th November 2018, top Italian design took to the stage at the Chinese interior design fair that rapidly sold-out, recording an astounding success.

Over twenty thousand visitors walked around the stands of the Salone Exhibition Center, transforming it in the embassy of the April edition in Milan. The top Italian design brands were there to present their new products (123 brands that included  

OluceLemaKartellMolteni&CDadaRiva 1920MorosoDieselMartinelli LuceMagisB&B ItaliaMaxaltoLiving DivaniGiorgettiFlexform to name a few) and to showcase “the Italian lifestyle” in a combination of creativity, quality and innovation.

It’s no coincidence that Italy is the chief exporter of furniture in China (22% of the total Chinese import market). The two countries in fact, are intrinsically linked by a similar attention on craftsmanship and quality manufacture, as well as their current desire to focus, as Suning’s president Steven Zhang points out, not only on material values, but on the emotions evoked by an object too. In fact, it’s no coincidence that the master classes lead by Michele De Lucchi, Stefano Boeri and Roberto Palomba focus on mankind’s originality, the only living being that creates objects and tools projecting on them cultural, historical, emotional and artistic meaning and consequently adding a deep intrinsic value.

In its third edition too, the Salone Satellite Shaghai includes pieces by young, emerging designers: 39 young local designers as well as university students and design schools that with their work examine the relationship that exists between heritage and modernity, new technology and craftsmanship. The following names have bewitched the jury and have won the attendance at the 2019 edition: Huang Jing for Flapping Bamboo, a lamp that uses the elasticity of bamboo; Miaoyunzi Hu for Strings, convertible furniture that is a bedside-table, stool and coffee table combined and Ruixue Song for Lantern, a portable lamp inspired by bamboo cages. The special mention goes to Duan Bingdong who has designed The Chair-18SS, a stool inspired by military style.

The main theme of the fair was once again original, quality projects that embody the essence of Italian manufacturing skills and reflect the country’s design excellence.


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