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The New Italian Design exhibition

| Designbest editorial staff


uring the 2015 Gwangju Design Biennale in the Republic of Korea, the Triennale Design Museum shows a more comprehensive version of the by now popular exhibition The New Italian Design. In fact, until the 13th November, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about contemporary Italian design, told through a journey through the historic, cultural, economic and political make-up of this region.  

In the last decade or so, this exhibition has travelled around the world and has already reached Madrid (2007), Istanbul (2010), Beijing and Nantou (2012), Bilbao, San Francisco and Santiago de Cile (2013) and Cape Town (2014). What’s more, The New Italian Design displays the work of no less than 133 designers and 288 different projects: from jewellery design to accessories, from handbags to food design, from graphics to interior design…

There are a variety of different pieces on display: self-produced, artistic, mass produced, those by established professionals or by emerging talents. And all of them, help to tell the story of  Italian design from the twentieth to the twenty first century, a time better known as the masters’ period (where studio culture corresponded with functional and long-lasting pieces). In fact, this contemporary design philosophy inspired the development of new processes rather than products alone and focused on creativity and innovation.

Therefore, more and more, Italian design has become a container for creative languages, where research and innovation merge seamlessly together. For some designers this balance is in indeed more delicate and elusive and for others it’s less planned and more unpredictable. In any case, Italian design has always succeeded in taking the world by storm. And today, it’s up to the Republic of Korea to discover new details and dynamics of Made in Italy and share with us its thoughts.


When: ongoing  - 13 November 2015

Where: Gwangju Design Biennale, Buk-gu, Gwangju , 500-845, Republic of Korea

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