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| Designbest editorial staff


fter London, where everything began thirty years ago, Cappellini brings the exhibition “Jasper Morrison – Cappellini, 30 anni di prodotti” (lit. Jasper Morrison – Cappellini, 30 years of products) to Milan.
This exhibition was created to celebrate the indestructible relationship that exists between Giulio Cappellini and the renowned London designer.  Their partnership began precisely in London in 1988, on the occasion of the first Graduate Show held at Aram, the showroom that first brought (a phenomenon that stirred general concern) modern design furniture to the other side of the Channel. To celebrate with an exhibition the showroom’s 25th anniversary, Zeev Aram chose 25 projects by the recent graduates of British design schools. These included the Thinking man’s chair by Jasper Morrison and it was precisely this somewhat “unexpected” armchair to bewitch Giulio Cappellini. When on the following day, he showed up on the doorstep of Jasper Morrison’s tiny home/ studio and offered him to manufacture the armchair, the young designer started at him in amazement: “He didn’t have the faintest idea of who I was” recalls Giulio Cappellini, still laughing at the idea.
They spent the next thirty years on research, performing tests and constantly working on new projects, always looking towards the future. Jasper Morrison created countless best-selling and long-selling products for Cappellini in this time, the exhibition at Cappellini Point in Milan includes a selection of the duo’s most significant products
In a temporal itinerary and a characteristically “Supernormal” backdrop, nothing is superfluous (in line with the manifesto by Naoto Fukasawa and Jasper Morrison, 2006). The milestones of their production are displayed one after the other on simple platforms and panels in natural wood: the Three Sofa De Luxe and the Hi Pad chair made in '99, the Tate chair and the Simplon table made in 2003, the Lotus armchair and the Bac table made in 2005 and finally the O Cap chair made in 2018.

An evolution of the freedom to experiment beyond the boundaries, a magnificent result of a profound knowledge and a great friendship strengthened by a thirty year-long partnership.

Where: Bastioni di Porta Nuova, 9, Milan – Italy
When: until the 31st January 2019. From Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 13.30 and from 14.30 to 19.00.

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