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A Jasper Morrison exhibition in Belgium

| Designbest editorial staff


hingness is designer Jasper Morrison's retrospective show. Thingness is held at CID (Centre d’Innovation et de Design di Hornu) a cultural centre one hour away from Bruxelles in Belgium. Thingness takes you on a 30 year long journey through Jasper Morrison's production. His body of work is defined by a constant artistic leitmotiv: functional pieces with a minimalist aesthetic, inspired by the Orient.

Here, you will find a number of the pieces, designed for some of the most important brands around, like Cappellini, Alessi, Vitra, Muji as well as hi-tech objects for Samsung and Sony. In fact, Jasper Morrison is renowned for an eclectic aesthetic and his ability to freely move from one area of design to another. In fact, it's worth mentioning that this 56 year old designer has already had a 35 year long career. 

Then, it should come as no surprise that during this retrospective, which Jasper Morrison co-curated with Swiss designer Michel Charlo, you'll bump into anything which ranges from a small table to a tram. The objects are displayed in chronological order.

If you are lucky enough to visit this early 19th-century mining complex, originally designed according to neoclassical principles, you are bound to come across striking features which reference Le Corbusier's architectural principles: a seamless research into practical and minimalist design. This is precisely the kind of principle Jasper Morrison took on board and applied to the “Super Normal manifesto” – co-edited with designer Naoto Fukasawa – which reads as a statement of intent for his neo-functional design. 

The exhibition includes furniture, objects but also pictures, sketches and drawings which are shown on open shelves around CID.  With irony and class, these exhibits provide an intriguing insight into the creative and professional world of this designer. And the monograph book, recently introduced at the 2015 Salone del Mobile, Milan -  “A book of things” - is as intriguing as the exhibition itself. 


Where: Grand-Hornu Site du Grand-Hornu Rue Sainte-Louise 82, Hornu, Belgium

When: Until the 13th September 2015





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