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JoeVelluto and the virtuous sense of design

| Designbest editorial staff


ith twenty-two examples of design with an inherent sense, Design in practice. Virtuous design practice is the exhibition where JoeVelluto presents design under a new perspective of sustainability and the circular economy.

In a moment in which sustainability is constantly placed under the radar and the entire world is reflecting on the “best practices” to reduce pollution and environmental impact, JoeVelluto studio is questioning the role and responsibilities of design.

Curated by Leonardo Caffo and sponsored by the Comune of Padua with the support of UBI Unione Buddhista Italiana, the exhibition taking place at the Galleria Civica Cavour in Padua highlights the power of design when it is understood as a virtuous practice capable of offering visions and solutions which aim for the best.

The starting point is the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path: eight points which guide us towards more responsible and conscious behaviors which should be applied to life and, in this case, design. The Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path is the inspiration for the entire design of the exhibition, which is divided into eight video installations created with Fabrica (the communication research center of the Benetton Group).

Each installation promotes principles and key values. Responsibility, society, sustainability, circular economy, respect for the environment and for every living being are only some of themes which JoeVelluto invites us to reflect on in the studio’s projects over the course of its twenty-year history.

It is a physical and immersive experience which is made up of images, inspirations and solutions dedicated to sustainability. It’s not by chance that wood stands out in the list of materials used for the exhibition design. It gets used as a structural element and minimally employed: the patented panels with the GiPlanetGroup system are made up by a modular metal frame covered in a recycled and recyclable material.

The show’s catalog follows the same theme as it is presented in a limited edition on 100% recycled paper coming from other printing processes. For the printing, a single color was used with HUV-LED technology and UV reagent inks which allow one to avoid using solvents and coatings.

The website (www.designinpratica.it) too has been designed to save energy. In addition to the visible solutions, like the partial adoption of system fonts, the abolition of color and the choice of a dark theme (changeable based on personal preferences), a fluid and intuitive SEO has been designed ad hoc in order to immediately access the content without energy waste.

Basically, it is physical and virtual design in practice in order to provide a virtuous perspective in every sense.


Where: Galleria Civica Cavour, piazza Cavour 73b, Padua, Italy
When: until November 1, 2021

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