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Mostra "Eams & Hollywood" (photo: courtesy eames office)

| Designbest editorial staff


here’s a new exhibition under the sun: Eames & Hollywood. Overseen by Adrien Rovero Studio, Eames & Hollywood will be at the ADAM (Art & Design Atomium Museum) in Brussels, Belgium, from the 10th March until the 4th September 2016. And by breaking the boundaries of conventional exhibition design, it offers us unprecedented access to the world of Charles and Ray Eames. In fact, rather than purely focusing on Charles and Ray’s work, Eames & Hollywood illustrates the couple’s role in the film industry, through an extensive display of behind the scenes shots.

But, please don’t think it’s all going to be staged photos of film stars. In fact, the Eames’ involvement in the film industry went well beyond the surface. And striking example, is the couple’s longstanding friendship with director Billy Wilder; this comes across in the more technical shots, which bit by bit pace together Wilder’s entire production.

Without a doubt, Charles and Ray had a keen eye for details, materials, phases of production and a curiosity for all the different people involved in the film industry. 240 photographs, property of the Library of Congress in Washington, illustrate details and symbolisms of the film industry. Worth a mention, are the iconic Birds designed for Vitra, which pay tribute to Hitchcock’s masterpiece of the same name.


Where: ADAM - Art & Design Atomium Museum, Trade Mart Brussels, Belgiëplein 1, 1020 Brussels, Belgium

When: 10 March – 4 September 2016 

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