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MAXXI Roma: Nature/06 - Michele De Lucchi - "L'Anello Mancante" 

| Designbest editorial staff


ichele De Lucchi takes part at the exhibition series NATURE and at MAXXI in Rome, presents the installation L'Anello Mancante (lit. the missing link), constructed from HI- MACS® (a resistant and ductile material popular in the field of architecture) and with the technical support of Unifor.

In the museum’s Galleria Gian Ferrari, several designers have already discussed the relationship that exists between nature and artifice. Now it's Michele De Lucchi’s turn, who of his installation says: "the missing link is the piece that joins the distant parts of an open, split chain. It’s often required nowadays. We require increasingly more links that connect the multiple ramifications of social, political, economic, cultural and even moral relationships. But we require other links as well that physically connect the concepts of full and empty, of closed and open space, of container and content".

This is the concept behind L'Anello Mancante, an open ring-like structure with a tubular frame clad with a shell made with over 800 boxes in HI-MACS®, slightly spaced from each other. Michele De Lucchi invites you to stroll around and lose yourself in his structure, here hidden LED lighting creates an ethereal atmosphere and a sensory path too.

It’s undoubtedly a unique and evocative experience to visit this sit specific installation: everything seems unclear and as the openings (some small and some large) placed along the structure allow the natural light to filter through and invite you to look outside, private and public blend together. Space perception equally changes as you enter inside the ring: the wall initially seems small and as you proceed, everything appears magnified and the sound is amplified. The wall’s ogival section forces you to look up, encouraging your mind to wander towards infinity.  

This dream-like itinerary is definitely is worth the visit: you leave vaguely disoriented, but certainly more aware too.

Where:  MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, 4a via Guido Reni, Rome, Italy

When: until the 3rd March 2019 


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