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| Designbest editorial staff


his exhibition shines a new light on two undisputed icons of post-modern design: Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand, one of his most talented students. We are talking about La Luce (the Italian for “light”); a new exhibition which is about to be showed in Nemo's showroom in 19 Corso Monforte, Milan. La Luce will run from the 14th April until the 10th May.

Here, lighting design takes centre stage with an excess of both traditional and unconventional pieces. Visitors will immediately understand that these are all eternal objects, destined to outlive any fad and fashion. Definite highlights are Lampe de Marseilles, designed in 1950/52 by Le Corbusier and the more minimalist Potence Pivotante by Charlotte Perriand. Furthermore, this exhibition was developed in partnership with the Le Corbusier foundation and the Charlotte Perriand archives, who lent many historical documents, original drawings and prototypes.

La Luce is a moment to learn about two of the “biggest” names of contemporary design, seen from a different perspective closer to the public's eye. Finally, this journey would not be complete without the launch of two new series by Nemo, dedicated to these geniuses. You have to see this!!!

When: 14 April - 10 May 2015 / Where: Nemo showroom, 19 Corso Monforte, Milan 

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