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Master in Surface & Textile Design

| Designbest editorial staff


our are invited to one of the top events of FUORISALONE, from the 9th to the 13th April 2019, for a first-hand experience of ceramic surfaces that transform into actual hubs of creativity and research, joining the top design schools and firms in the field.

This event is the result of a collaboration between Lea Ceramiche – a world-class manufacturer of quality ceramic tiles  - and Istituto Marangoni Milano The school of Design. It represents a great opportunity whether you are scouting for the new up-and-coming designers and want to be present as they take their first steps

The result of this partnership is in fact a course, began in the new year and aimed at the students of the Master in Surface & Textile Design with a focus on ceramics and their extraordinary expressive potential.

This prompted a quest for new contemporary surfaces. In fact, the knowledge gained in terms of technology, innovation and expertise in the production of porcelain stoneware, Lea Ceramiche’sdistinctive feature, has created many extremely original projects that address with the course’s requirements: to combine the brand’s style with the latest trends in interior design.

Besides, the project focuses one of Lea Ceramiche’s most popular collections: Slimtech, oversized ceramic slabs with thicknesses that vary from 3,5 mm to 6 mm, for which the students were asked to design new decorative textures.   

The four top products were manufactured by LEA CERAMICHE in the form of prototypes and subsequently put on display from the 8th to the 14th April 2019, in an event that combines Lea Ceramiche’s cutting-edge entrepreneurship with Marangoni Milano The School of Design’s smartest creative minds. Here, are a few details of the project, a sneak peek before you have the opportunity to take a look in person:

  • Powder Collection - Hop Scotch by Alexa Morales. With a vibrant pattern decorated on slate, it stands out for its spontaneity.
  • Tactile Perception - Ritmo inclusivo by Melania Bianco. This project focuses unconventional subjects such as “tactility” and “joints”, enhancing the ceramic surface with a technique that highlights the stone’s distinctive properties.
  • Incontri Ravvicinati - Peach by Rossella Costa. She was able to combine a decorative theme, in a coherent and original way with a wood-effect subject that emphasises its natural features.
  • Compfy Whisper - Pillow Talk by Yuetong Shi. There’s a pleasing contrast between the hardness of the 'concrete' and the comfort evoked by the repetitiveness of the upholstered cushions.

Now, the last thing you have to do is visit and touch with your own hands the beauty of the ceramic surfaces created by avant-garde research, that transcend mere tiles and transform into visual and tactile architecture.


Where: Lea Ceramiche showroom - Via Durini 3 - Milan /  Istituto Marangoni Milano Design School - Via Cerva 24, Milan - Italy

Quando: 9-13 april 2019


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