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| Designbest editorial staff


0 photographs tell the story of the collaboration between the Italian photographer Luigi Ghirri and the ceramic brand Marazzi. The artist’s tale commissioned by Marazzi continues with the opening of Luigi Ghirri. The Marazzi Years 1975 – 1985.

The exhibition, presented between May and June 2021 at the Musei Civici in Reggio Emilia and accompanied by a book of the same name, now decorates the Appartamento dei Giganti in Palazzo Ducale in Sassuolo, which has been reopened to the public precisely for this occasion. The original shots of one of the masters of late twentieth-century Italian photography are once again on show. For over forty years Ghirri interpreted the world of Marazzi with his unique gaze.

 “In his work for Marazzi, Luigi Ghirri places ceramic within a larger reflection on representation” explained Ilaria Campioli, the exhibition’s curator. “The surfaces begin to take part in that system of measure and a scaled reduction of the world which was so important for the artist in those years. The combination of various surfaces and grids allowed him to reflect deeper on knowledge and understanding, as if they were a sheet where each time he could learn to write and design.”

It is an exhibition which recounts a chapter of Ghirri’s career and tell us of a professional partnership (with Marazzi) which started in 1975. Since then, ceramic transformed from a mere material to a living “model”, interpreted with new and unexpected aesthetic canons.

It is a geometric vision, but also a fantastic and brilliant one, which literally transforms the material through light and color and offers us surprising emotions that perfectly match Marazzi’s philosophy.

Where: Palazzo Ducale, Piazzale della Rosa 10, Sassuolo
When: fino al 31 ottobre 2021



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