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Milano Design Film Festival 2018 (Courtesy Milano Design Film Festival)

| Designbest editorial staff


very year the world of design returns to the big screen with a new theme. For 2018, the sixth edition of the Milano Design Film Festival presents Fast Changing that aims to shine a spotlight on innovation, from materials to technology, sustainable construction as well as new restoration techniques.

MDFF is a wild race towards the future, although not forgetting the past. From the 25th to the 28th October in fact, the Anteo Palazzo del Cinema in Milan presents documents, biographies and accounts on the top designers and architects around who, throughout the years, have produced memorable architectural and urban design projects.

There are two opening nights: the pre-opening night (on invitation only), presented by Antonella Broglia at the Teatro dell’Arte of the Triennale di Milano, in which the European premier of RAMS by the American director Gary Hustwit is projected. The official opening night is held on the subsequent day, in which the entire film program is played at the Cinema Anteo: over 15 hours of films for 4 days.

There are many films on offer (over 60 films in fact) such as "The Power of the Archive. Renzo Piano" by Francesca Molteni; "Achille Castiglioni. Tutto con un niente" by Valeria Parisi (in conjunction with the exhibition curated by Patricia Urquiola from the 6th October to the 20th January at the Triennale di Milano); "Object to Project. Giorgetti Design since 1898" by Francesca Molteni; "Non abbiamo sete di scenografie. La lunga storia della chiesa di Alvar Aalto a Riola" by Mara Corradi and Roberto Ronchi; "Chez Le Courbusier"; "Albert Frey; "Amatrice, the new year zero" by Giacomo Boeri and Matteo Grimaldi.   

During MDFF, Two Basilicas by Heinz Emigholz is going to be seen for the first time on Italian screens. This is a film on the relationship between the north and the south, between the Catholics and the Protestants. Besides, Moriyama-san is going to be projected on the closing night; this is the last film by the directors Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine (the main subject of this edition’s retrospective) that describes the everyday life of an urban hermit in the iconic Moriyama house.

The Milano Design Film Festival could not be complete without cutting-edge projects, works with a strong emotional impact and accounts of personalities and institutions, as well as debates and lectures with the directors, designers and several design brands.

There’s a new addition this year, namely the Architecture Film Award, an international architecture and cinema award that results from a partnership between the Milano Design Film Festival and the Milan chapter of the Italian architectural association.

Where: Anteo Palazzo del Cinema, 8 piazza XXV Aprile, Milan, Italy
Where: 25 - 28 October 2018

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