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Image by MCA (courtesy of INTERNI Magazine)

| Designbest editorial staff


pril has always been the month of design because it is synonymous with the Salone del Mobile Milano. This is also true this year, despite the forced postponement of the sector’s most important international event to an unknown date. Yet even in 2021 design has given its thrust to spring with Milano Design Week, the event dedicated to the latest in design, which in these days is discretely animating the city.

Even more anticipated, longed for, and requested than other years, Milano Design Week was inaugurated on April 12th and is putting the proposals of the major Italian design brands on display with iconic products, reissues and previews of outstanding Made-In-Italy products.

We wouldn’t allow ourselves to miss it and, together with many other figures in the sector, have been moving around showrooms, presentations, installation and online events, in full respect of the Covid-19 regulations, anxious to check out the latest in home design.

With no lack of new releases, we can ensure you that sense of amazement is the same as usual. We have already been won over by the unique geometries of the Noonu sofa by B&B Italia, the artistic flavor of Euromobil’s contemporary kitchens, the hidden yet extraordinary innovations which sanitize rooms and clothes (from the fireplaces by Olmar to the wardrobes by Lema), the flawless elegance that creates Living Divani and Porro’s style, the enveloping outdoors of Talenti, and the vibrant outfittings from Cappellini.

And more surprises are still to come because the event continues until April 23rd. Follow us day by day and we will give you a look at the latest trends and introduce you, one by one, to our favorite furniture.


When: April 12-23, 2021
Where: Milan, Italy

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