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exhibition: Mutations - Créations / Ross Lovegrove (Generator House, solar energy concept house. 2006-2008) 

| Designbest editorial staff


n visionary British designer Ross Lovegrove, exhibition Mutations-Créations is at the Centre Pompidou, Paris from the 17th April to the 3rd July 2017.

Ross Lovegrove is best known for his wide range of designs like spaceships, champagne bottles, clocks, chairs, utopian homes, bicycles in bamboo and even dinosaur skeletons. His unique world is a fantastical microcosm, which draws from the natural world as well as looking to the future.

His eclectic designs go from the automotive industry to the field of electronics: Capitan Organic (the nickname Ross earned over the years) takes us by surprise with ground breaking concepts, which have a strong foundation in biology.

In fact, throughout the years Ross has made a name for himself for his organic essentialism. Present meets future, and design, art and nature are brought together; this is precisely what’s key in Ross’ visionary work. Just like Coas (Car on a Stick), namely the eco-friendly car he designed 16 years ago, part of the 200 exhibits at the Centre Pompidou.

Mutation-Création is an inward-looking and atypical exhibition, which includes designs for Japan Airlaines, Tag Heuer, Artemide, Biomega, Swarovski and even gold-look installations like Instinctive Override and the Cetacea and Ridon sculptures. What’s more, on display in the Dna pavilion, 24 unpublished sketchbooks bare the real soul of this designer, revealing all the secrets of his work.


Where: Centre Pompidou, Place Georges-Pompidou, Paris, France

When: 17 April – 3 July 2017


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