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Nanda Vigo, incontri ravvicinati. Arte, architettura e design - Fondazione Sozzani 

| Designbest editorial staff


uorisalone is still underway and, like every year, it offers us exhibitions, installations, and group shows dedicated to creativity of the past and future. And amongst the many events which can’t be missed this year there is Nanda Vigo, incontri ravvicinati. Arte, architettura e design. This exhibition is presented byFondazione Sozzani to celebrate the timeless architect and designer who passed away in 2020 at the age of 83.

An eclectic and visionary artist and undisputed master of Italian creativity, Nanda Vigo is being celebrated in Corso Como 10 in Milan. It is a tale made up of never-before-seen sketches, unique and out-of-production projects, and rare prototypes that take us on a journey through space and time.

Curated in collaboration with Archivio Nanda Vigo, Luca Preti and Glas Italia, the exhibition is divided into three sections. It begins with the “master of light, which puts her most famous works on display like 1968’s Ambiente Cronotopico, a metallic structure with transparent glass plates which explores the immersive idea of light: “light both has and does not have dimension” she said “and it can travel far away”.

And her projects take us far away. In the second section they tell us of her collaboration with Gio Ponti (in the design of Scarabeo sotto la Foglia a Malo) and open the doors of “her” homes, from Zero House in Milan (1959-1962) with its satin glass walls and neon light that alters spatial perception, to la Casa Blu, Gialla and Nera, once again created in Milan between 1967 and 1970.

Instead, the third and last section of the event allows us to get to know Vigo the designer better through her mirrors (like Andromeda by Glass), chairs (where the fur Due Più stands out), tables and lamps, including the Hard&Soft collection which was last produced in 2019.

Nanda Vigo, Close Encounters. Art, architecture and design is a journey through time which is full of emotions and inspirations. The designer is once again able to surprise us and transport us into a new dimension.


Where: Fondazione Sozzani, corso Como 10, Milan, Italy
When: until November 1, 2021



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