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Natura e Design nelle collezioni Gervasoni: 1882-2015

| Designbest editorial staff


here’s a new exhibition we feel you should know about: Natura e design nelle collezioni Gervasoni: 1882-2015 (nature and design through the Gervasoni collections). Natura e design nelle collezioni Gervasoni, the latest exhibition on industrial design, will be at the Galleria Regionale d’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Spazzapan in Gradisca d’Isonzo, outside Gorizia, north east Italy; from the 20th November 2015 until the 28th February 2016.

This exhibition takes you on a journey through the history of contemporary Italian design, which, in this instance, will be told through the Gervasoni furniture collections. There are both iconic and more recent pieces on display: from Art Nouveau furniture, the first items ever to be manufactured by the brand, to marine cabin furniture; from the rationalist prototypes of the thirties to pieces manufactured for the Rinascente (a top Italian department store chain). The latter is a striking example of the ties Gervasoni has had, since the aftermath of the Second World War, with the city of Milan and surrounding region.

As soon as you step inside, you can’t help but notice a link between industrial production and creative thinking; this has been a Gervasoni trademark since the beginning. Throughout the years, this type of creative thinking has given birth to a variety of iconic pieces: the wicker armchairs of the thirties, with a curved silhouette designed to “hug” the user; furniture with simple and clean aesthetics, inspired by Scandinavian design and sold under the name Germa (1996); and pieces designed in partnership with names like Vico Magistretti, Carlo Forcolini, Enrico Franzolini and Oskar Kogoj.

This exhibition tells a tale of objects “destined to be used”: ground breaking pieces with a visionary and daring aesthetic. All pieces by Gervasoni have a modern and contemporary design style, which, however, doesn’t forget traditional craftsmanship. In fact, we can now safely say that Gervasoni represents the best Italian design has to offer. What’s more, lustre is added by names like Paola Navone, artistic director and chief designer of collections loved all over the world.


Where: Natura e Design nelle collezioni Gervasoni: 1882-2015

            Galleria Regionale d’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Spazzapan,

            Palazzo Torriani, 51 via Marziano Ciotti, Gradisca Isonzo (Go), Italy

When: 20 November 2015 - 28 February2016


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