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Nendo: the space in between (ph: Takumi Ota)

| Designbest editorial staff


endo: the space in between is the latest exhibition on Oki Sato, the designer best known around the world as Nendo. Nendo: the space in between is at the Design Museum Holon, Israel from the 7th June until the 30th October 2016. Nendo is an extremely eclectic designer with a delicate and poetic approach to his work, his personal style his subtle yet instantly recognisable. Throughout the years, Nendo has reworked with his unique approach many different kinds of objects, from chairs to suitcases and from doors to cutlery.

Nendo: the space in between is a comprehensive overview of old and new projects; this includes both pieces which have gone into production and those which have never made it beyond conceptual stages. This exhibition is split into six different themes: textures, objects, relationships, boundaries, senses and processes and consists of 70 different projects displayed over the entire museum floor space, as well as outside and among the coils of this incredible building by Ron Arad.

At the museum entrance, you are greeted by In the shade, namely a series of colourful glass screens by Glas Italia, which are in turn mounted on a Caesarstone base and recreate the same game of light and shadows of the Israeli desert. Further on, you’ll catch a glimpse of Stone Garden, a veritable floating landscape constructed from hundreds of tables in many different colours, laid on top of each other; this project comes from a partnership between Nendo and Caesarstone.

Light and shadows, voids and ethereal spaces: the whole itinerary has been carefully planned to question or even better to make us question, exactly what remains “in the in between spaces”, where light and air circulate with calculated precision. Furthermore, Nendo is extremely skilled in turning materials and industrial processes in food for thought: this is what his design process is all about, making us dream once more.


Where: Design Museum Holon, Pinhas Eilon St. 8, Holon, Israel
When: 7 June – 30 October 2016


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