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Galleria Jannone, Milano: One Two Five - Steven Holl (chair 'A')

| Designbest editorial staff


years since his last trip to Italy, American architect Steven Holl, one of the most established in the world, returns to Milan with the exhibition One Two Five at the Galleria Jannone.

26 watercolour paintings, 13 signed and numbered prints, sketches, sculptures and design objects in limited edition: approximately thirty are the works on display that convey Holl’s career path and the strong silver lining that connects the architect with Italy, the place where he studied and worked from the seventies until 2015 when he received, from the Politecnico di Milano, the honorary degree in architecture.

Everything starts with the watercolour drawing, key tool for Steven Holl, who studies and defines, through soft and liquid brushstrokes, even the ideas of volume and light. The drawings on display, in fact, show five projects (some never made) full of the characteristic expressive poetic of the architect. Poetic is even the exhibition’s title linked to a memory dear to Holl’s heart: One Two Five refers to his daughter while learning how to count.

But 125 is also Galleria Jannone’s street number, even in this case referring to the architect’s past: Steven Holl had already visited the gallery 40 years prior, when promising Antonia Jannone that they shall meet once again.

Cultural, civic, academic and residential projects, hybrid and original works of art: Steven Holl has rewritten the grammar of contemporary architecture and the exhibition, in world premier, shows precisely this new language. Just think about the essential A-chair, the sculpture-chair in solid wood that sums up seat, backseat and armrests in their hypotenuses; the Hunter’s Point Community Library in Queens, New York, the Maggie’s Centre in London, billboard of social sensitivity and constructive and engrossing work.

As constructive and engrossing as Steven Holl’s project vision has always been.


Where: Galleria Jannone, corso Garibaldi 125, Milan

When: Until June 27rd 2018


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