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| Designbest editorial staff


aesaggio nomade (Italian for itinerant landscape) is the title of a new exhibition in Bergamo, north Italy; organized by Fondazione Museo Del Falegname Tino Sana in partnership with Gruppo Legno di Confindustria Bergamo. Paesaggio nomade wassetup in occasion of the third edition of Il legno dalla Natura alle Cose, which focuses on the world of timber and all its different applications. Il Legno dalla Natura alle Cose, is part of a larger series of events: I Maestri del Paesaggio. This isthe annual get together of some of the most important landscape artists around the world.

In fact, timber is the main focus of this event. Paesaggio nomade will run from the 5th until the 20th September 2015, involving the entire city of Bergamo in a rich agenda of exhibitions, cultural events and workshops. Everyone is invited to attend and to discover the material qualities of timber and the many advantages it offers.

Paesaggio Nomade is a small itinerant green oasis, where you can relax, regenerate and live life surrounded by nature. You can also rediscover timber as the ideal means to protect the environment and to better our quality of life. “We use timber, to safeguard the environment!” This is precisely the motto of Il legno dalla Natura alle Cose.

In fact, timber is a sustainable and rapidly renewable source (as long as trees are cut down in an environmentally conscious way); it absorbs Co2 emissions and fights greenhouse gasses. In fact, because of its material qualities and its extreme versatility, timber is ideal in everyday design and construction. During this edition, several interior design brands, packaging firms and joineries serve as proof of this….Indeed, all these firms have in common a passion for this live, natural and timeless material, able to transform any space into an oasis of serenity.

So, let’s all go to Bergamo, to wander around rows of stylised trees on a black cork backdrop; this stands for the renewal of nature after it’s been wiped out by deforestation. Then, take a break in one of the many squares, which have been transformed into rural landscapes (like Piazza Vecchia). Visit the design exhibitions set up in courtyards, cloisters and secret gardens and learn woodworking skills from a number of different artisans. What’s more, you can even attend concerts, ballets and exhibitions. And for those of you who also want to have fun, the Woody Night Show on the 11th September is definitely not to be missed: enjoy a night out with music, art and delicacies...


When: 5- 20 September 2015

Where: Bergamo, Italy


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