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event: Patchwork, Tessuti e Tendenze 2017 - Associazione Patchwork Treviso

| Designbest editorial staff


n occasion of the exhibition Patchwork, tessuti e tendenze (lit. patchwork, textiles and trends), the historic Ca’ da Noal palazzo in Treviso, northeast Italy, will become a high-fashion boutique (from the 11th to the 26th November 2017).

The art of the patchwork quilt consists in stitching together with woolen thread fabric remnants in vibrant colours and bold patterns. This exhibition tells the story of when patchwork quilting first arrived in Italy in the nineties, and soon went from being a mere hobby to a real art from: fabric remnants are turned into blankets and tablecloths. 

The Associazione Patchwork Idea has put on display over 60 different patchwork quilts, which are veritable works of art. This dramatic display illustrates the direct link that exists between patchworking, started by the American pioneers during the nineteenth century, and the world of fashion and interior design that has always given its own unique interpretation.


Where: Ca’ da Noal, 38 via Antonio Canova, Treviso, Italy

When: 11-26 November 2017


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