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Corraini Edizioni: Play no rules. Artist’s toys

| Designbest editorial staff


ooks, game books, a jack-in-the-box as well as games for you to create. With the exhibition Play no rules. Artist’s toys, Corraini Edizioni puts the focus on pure creativity and prompts you to explore childhood in a multisensory itinerary with no rules.

This fun Milanese exhibition closes in a couple of days, however it’s definitely worth to visit this extraordinary world. "Game or toys have to stimulate the imagination, they cannot have a conclusion or an end (similarly to models that perfectly recreate certain types of machinery)" Bruno Munari stated.

In the 121+ bookshop in via Savona in fact, the traditional toys from the sixties and the seventies that have played a crucial role in the history of toy manufacture, are put on display beside objects by Enzo Mari and contemporary artists and designers such as Lorenzo Bravi, Ludosofici, Alessio D’Ellena and Parasite 2.0 who designed a one-of-a-kind collection for Corraini. We have “Metti le foglie” by Bruno Munari with trees you are able to decorate with leaves, books you put together and take apart again such as “Trasformazioni” by Bruno Munari and Giovanni Belgrano or “ABC con fantasia” by Enzo Mari and Bruno Munari, the construction set “Scatola di Architettura MC1”, a selection of the top international toy manufacturers as well as stories – you are able to invent - that do not follow traditional patterns and leap off the pages of the books themselves.

According to Bruno Munari in fact, “the ability to make things”, “surprise” and “wonder” are the contributing factors in creating knowledge as well as representing the essential tools for an artist and an educator. Overseen by Casa Editrice Corraini, the same publishing house that built a twenty-year-long partnership with Bruno Munari, this exhibition shines a light on precisely this topic. Besides, Play no rules is seen as a tribute to Bruno Munari's philosophy as well as an open invitation to join this fantastical world and discover its endless scenarios.


When: until the 10th May 2019

Where: 121+, 17/5 via Savona, Milan, Italy


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