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Quartarella, Altamura (BA), Italy

| Designbest editorial staff


uori Salone touch.point is the name of the initiative promoted by the Centro Edile Quartarella which will bring the latest in design directly to the heart of Murgia until July 28, 2021.

An unprecedented event for the south of Italy, it takes the idea of a trade fair into Quartarella’s exhibition space, offering professionals from Apulia and Basilicata the chance to experience the latest in Italian design first hand.

Renee Quartarella, marketing & communication chief at Quartarella, said, “Il Fuori Salone touch.point comes from a reflection on the lack of trade fairs and the challenges of traveling in this period”. This idea gave impetus to the idea of turning the 3,000 sqm showroom into an informational and emotional experience in order to get to know the proposals of prestigious brands like Flaminia, Gervasoni, Paola Panoretto and Pratic, who have embraced the event with a spirit of enthusiasm and a collaboration.

Expressing the ideas of many professionals, the architect Marisola Marroccoli remarked, “I always tell my clients to choose the product after they have seen and touched it with their own hands and compared it with other materials. This is best achieved when you can move around a large exhibition space”. The designer Maria Incampo said, “It is fundamental to be able to admire the new collections in person as they always offer inspiration for new projects”

It is a unique and invaluable opportunity that Quartarella has taken on with passion, showing itself once again to be a unique brand for its talent for research, innovation and the opportunities it offers to industry professionals for meetings and training.

And that’s not all, because Quartarella is also able to bring attention to important themes connected to the territory. In the exhibition space, there is an installation from Giulio Cappellini inspired by the Apulian land and its resources. It is a clear message that connects design to the traditions of the place and highlights their importance.

For those who would like to renovate or give the home a new look, there is nothing left to but stop by Quartarella’s showroom, the pride and joy of this company which has been honored with the Best Showroom Award in 2011 and the Store Innovation Award in 2016.  The space is made up of 564 synoptic panels and 60 exhibition boxes and has been created to inspire visitors by guiding them through home design and design culture in perfect Italian style.

Where: Quartarella, via Matera, Altamura (Ba), Italy




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