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SAVVY Contemporary Collective - Spinning Triangles (credits: ph. Mirko Mielke)

| Designbest editorial staff


ohnmaschine, a “living home” or in other words a reproduction on wheels of the Bauhaus movement. The SAVVY Contemporary design collective has decided to celebrate the centenary of the Bauhaus movement with a 15 metre-long bus that for the following ten months travels around the world. The bus itself is inspired by the building that most represents the modernist movement, constructed by Walter Gropius in 1919 in Dessau.

The itinerary begins in Dessau and subsequently reaches Kinshasa, Berlin and Hong Kong, to promote the project Spinning Triangles, overseen by Elsa Weitreicher. Aiming to transcend a mere museum exhibition, Spinning Triangles strives to portray the true identity of the Bauhaus movement as well as promoting a less didactic and Eurocentric vision.

So, this special bus with its vertical sign and clear glass windows framed by a black grid, is going to spread around the world the movement’s philosophy. Besides, there are going to be many workshops and symposiums that focus on rationalism, functionalism, technology as well as current events: the violence of the state, racisms, western colonialism and the recent right-wing shift in Germany.

Cultural implications in fact, have always been crucial to the Bauhaus movement: it’s no coincidence that the bus is decorated as a sort of apartment with spaces set aside for talks and there’s a library too.

This unconventional design school, as described by the Savvy Contemporary collective, aims to shine a light on the role that design plays in various socio-political situations around the world.

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