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Riflessi Store Bari - Italy

| Designbest editorial staff


fter Milan, Rome, Naples and Reggio Calabria, Riflessi, a top “Made in Italy” interior design brand, has added two new key cities to its portfolio. These two new single-brand stores – in Bari and Bergamo – are located in important commercial areas and are bound to contribute their experience, quality and design. And everything is strictly “Made in Italy” of course. 

It’s no coincidence in fact that a couple of years ago, Riflessi successfully began a retail policy with the aim to open a single-brand store in every region in Italy, proving that branding is a winning strategy.

Attention is paid to the consumers and their needs that change from place to place and thus, require an approach that addresses a specific located and the taste that derives from it.  With a tailor-made feel and a personalised service, Riflessi strives to offer the best on the interior design scene.

The chosen locations are in the centre of town, in commercial thoroughfares. Bari, in the central Piazza Garibaldi and in Bergamo, in the dynamic via Suardi that attracts a great crowd.

The chosen spaces are light-filled, contemporary and put on display a vast selection of products and lifestyle moods that bring the stores to life.  This is an emotionally immersive experience based on a design choice that favours natural materials and references the natural world, with special attention paid to colour and its evocative harmony.

The Bergamo store extends over 200 sqm. Here, Riflessi’s core values come across in a decisive way: elegance, comfort and quality. The main theme is a reference to lush green spaces and the natural textures of wood, as if you were in a lodge with a magical exotic mood. And the furniture is displayed in an absolutely 'relaxed' way, transforming the showroom in a pleasant space to be in, rather than being solely retail.

In Bari, Riflessi has taken ownership of an elegant building from the fascist period with strong lines and interiors with high ceilings and large windows that produce unique light effects with a strong aesthetic impact. The 400 sqm display area is split over two floors, besides it has a street-facing store front and a main entrance in a corner position. The interiors, carefully designed, interact with the shapes, decorations and colours that evoke the glamorous atmosphere of the '40s. The result is superb. This stage is perfect for showcasing the furniture chosen for its quality, design and originality.


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