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Riva 1920, ornament Cuore

| Designbest editorial staff


andmade furniture and accessories in scented cedar wood, manufactured from reclaimed cedar of Lebanon. What’s this about? Italian brand Riva 1920 of course. At Homi 2016, Riva 1920 has launched a new collection of solid wooden furniture, set up at minimal Black&White stand with iconic pieces by top international designers.

This tribute to nature goes hand in hand with the brand’s design philosophy: stools, benches and armchairs manufactured using trunks, which have either fallen down due to natural causes or have been cut down due to planned felling. And they are available in two different styles, in plain cedar wood or in Vulcano cedar (a mothproof and mould resistant traditional Japanese finish: the top layer is first carbonized and then turned into anthracite). 

The display couldn’t be complete without the iconic Molletta bench, Clessidra by Mario Botta, Astratti by Michele De Lucchi and many other well-known pieces, as well as designs by emerging talents, who took part at the third edition of the Design Award, a design competition set up by Riva 1920.

And don’t worry if you didn't make it to Homi: from the 24th September until the 9th October 2016, Riva 1929 will be at the IV edition of the Festa del Legno (lit. the festival of timber) sponsored by the city of Cantù, northern Italy. This year, the event will revolve around “pleasure”, which Riva 1920 has opened to the general public: Facciamo un piacere alla natura (lit. lets help nature).

First of all, visitors will receive a small oak tree each, which they can choose to replant in a garden, park or forest. Riva 1920 wants this to be a contribution to reforestation. What’s more, there will be many ancillary events like games and educational workshops for the kids, a chance to observe sculptors and joiners at work with lathes, chainsaws, chisels and the exhibition Reuse: Nutrition for Planet, set up by Mariano Comense’s PENTA arganisation.

This event is a must, especially if you want to learn about upcycling, while enjoying a fun day out with the whole family.


Where: Showroom/Museo del Legno, Via Milano 110 e unità produttiva, Via Milano 137, Cantù, Italy

When: 24 September  - 9 October


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