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Salone del Mobile. Milano Shanghai 2019  (ph: courtesy Salone del Mobile.Milano)

| Designbest editorial staff


alone del Mobile. Milano Shanghai sold out once again, this time in the event’s fourth edition (November 20th to 22nd, 2019), which each year brings the Shanghai Exhibition Centre to life. It’s a special event that earns more and more attention from industry insiders and strengthens the visibility of Made In Italy.

The economic and cultural exchange between Italy and China has been well established for some years. It is an arrangement which reciprocally benefits and satisfies both countries. Shanghai is the Eastern city which best represents the dialogue between these two different worlds, with an evident push towards a more international sense of style: a door that opens onto larger world and welcomes the message of Italian quality in an exchange of culture and design.

Not by chance, the Salone del Mobile. Milano of Shanghai this year too focused on a large selection of Italian brands and products by creating a connection between a high-end public and designers. In this way China has proved itself as the new frontier of design: the data on the latest edition shows a good 127 companies on exhibition, including 25 new brands, while the number of visitors surpassed 20,000.

Artisanal manufacturing and technological innovation have responded to the needs of a public that is looking for design that carries originality and excellence within it, one capable of wedding tradition and experimentation. This is especially true of the under 40 generation, a driver of the high-end market.

Shanghai represents the synthesis of this philosophy well because its appeals lies in the mix between thousand-year old tradition and contemporaneity, which the global and hyper-digitized youth chase with exquisite taste and curiosity aimed towards international choices.

All of this leads to concrete interest in Salone del Mobile. Milano Shangahi, an increasingly more renowned event in China and an important point of reference for the Eastern market. The potential for development is encouraging: “We close the fourth edition of the Salone del Mobile. Milano Shanghai with great satisfaction”, stated Claudio Luti, President of the Salone del Mobile. “China is in a historic moment in which it can afford innovation, quality and beauty. Namely, those Italian products whose intrinsic value China is able to recognize. For us entrepreneurs there is nothing left to do but persevere on the road of exchange and dialogue, always maintaining cohesion in pragmatism, consistency and a touch of Italian creativity.”

The buzz and optimism present during the three days of the event shows how much Salone del Mobile. Milano Shanghai is valued. In the heart of Shanghai, it brings together production, industry leaders and energy coming from the East and West, showing off the best of Made In Italy.

The exceptional location of the event also deserves recognition: a space of over 4000 m2 in one of the city’s most exclusive neighborhoods, with impressive 1950s architecture, it represents an important center for artistic and cultural events. The magnificence of the event is reflected in its rich program of speeches from important designers and entrepreneurs: Rodolfo Dordoni, Ferruccio Laviani, Patricia Urquiola but also Interni and Milano Design Film Festival (just to name a few) shared their design experiences and entertained the public with interesting analysis, always in synergy with Chinese partners like the designers Li Hi, Zhao Yang, Chen Fei Bo.

It is the essential common thread that connects China and Italy: if on the one side, Italy is the world’s top supplier of furniture to the Chinese market; on the other, China does not miss the chance to get into closer contact with the beauty and creativity of the “belpaese”. A common thread that links the red of Salone del Mobile to the red of China.


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