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Sanlorenzo, Yacht SL102  - progetto: Zuccon International project

| Designbest editorial staff


anlorenzo’s story is one of innovationcutting edge technology and great entrepreneurial skill. In occasion of the Elite Days, held in La Spezia every year, Sanlorenzo, a leading shipyard specialised in yachts and super-yachts, has gathered all the brand’s friends and a wider international audience too, for a two-fold celebration: the company’s 60th birthday and Piero Lissoni’s appointment as Art Director. The event was reported live for us by Massimo Perotti -Chairman and Ceo- who, as a true captain, spread his love for Italian design and the fact that it never ceases to bewitch the audience with its beauty. Captivating the entire world too.

As always, great design is what sets a product apart from the rest. And this example is no different. Being contaminated by great design has singlehandedly changed Sanlorenzo’s appearance for ever, enhancing brand awareness and propelling it on the international scene. In fact, collaborating with several top interior designers has given to the world of sailing the new meaning of “living on the water”.  The spaces above desk have been designed in turn by Rodolfo DordoniAntonio CitterioPatrizia Viel and finally Piero Lissoni who, with SX88, has brought forward “the floating loft-apartment”, with internal free-flowing spaces that start an unprecedented dialogue with the sea. During Milan Design Week, the same idea was displayed at the Triennale. With extraordinary simplicity, this installation illustrated the experience of riding the waves from a privileged position, a great example of contemporary design.

Within few years, these collaborations have contributed to turn the brand’s style into a new type of luxury, never ostentatious, made even more subtle by top level design and craftsmanship. In the last couple of years, the same aesthetic was adopted by the big names that were asked to collaborate on these spaces. From Living Divani to B&B Italia, from Cassina to Boffi, from Oluce to Flos, etc: with Sanlorenzo, these leading names on the design scene that act as the standard-bearers of good taste, typical of the Italian way of life, enriching the experience of the lucky passengers.

A company such as this, committed to innovation, could not celebrate its past achievements without looking towards the future with two new projects: SX72 with interiors by Piero Lissoni, destined to match SX88’s success. And a second project that represents a revolution: SL102, “the asymmetric” is a yacht destined to write a new chapter in naval history. Designed by Studio Zuccon from an original ideal by Chris Bangle, SL102 breaks new ground as it re-thinks the internal layout with an asymmetric plan, making the most of the interiors and creating an exciting new dialogue the exterior. The idea is just as brilliant as it’s simple: it keeps one only side deck on starboard and moves the left-hand side deck to the roof, in this way it gains 10 metres, something that has never been done before. A great challenge, not the last one of course, bewitching whether you will admire the end result at the next event or you’ll be lucky enough to enjoy this space, customized to suit your individual taste in the best Sanlorenzo tradition.


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