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| Designbest editorial staff


ubsequently to making its debut at Milano Design Week 2018, the new Milanese brand SEM (Spotti Edizioni Milano) opens its first showroom. In the 250 sqm that were recently inaugurated in via Garofalo, space and collections, container and contained, blend together in a narrative formed by SEM’s design philosophy, clearly defining the essence of this new brand.

In an industrial space that has an intentionally bare and rarefied feel with large iron windows, simple whitewashed walls with the exposed pipes of the old plant and flooring in klinker tiles, the refined initial collections created for SEM are put on display: Pivot by Giacomo Moor, Check by Elisa Ossino, Futuraforma and Genio by the duo Marcante-Testa and Gold and Rose Gold by Paolo Rizzo.
Large suspended sheets with delicate, contrasting colours (in Kvadrat fabric) create a backdrop formed by stage wings that separate and frame the different groups of products as well as guiding the visitors along the itinerary. Designed by the set designers Pompili & Cameranesi, this installation complements a game of reflections formed by several mirrored surfaces that in turn, create extraordinary sights as well as highlighting the structure of the furniture.

The result of Spotti Milano's over thirty years of experience, SEM is a project that has been extensively studied and analysed in depth, promoted by the historic interior design store in Viale Piave, in order to meet a growing demand for exclusivity on the interior design scene.
At 31 Via Garofalo, visitors find contemporary design culture, industrial logic and craftsmanship excellence combined with constructive intelligence and meticulous attention to detail. A reliable address for the lovers of design, a showroom tuned on the latest trends that you should absolutely take the time to visit.

Where: SEM Milano, 31 via Garofalo (Città Studi area – MM Piola/ Loreto), Milan – Italy
When: from Mondays to Fridays from 10.00 to 18.00

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