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Città Studi - Milan

| Designbest editorial staff


ith a series of urban art in the various neighborhoods of Milan, “A name in every neighborhood” is the name of the new project conceived of and promoted by YesMilano, the city of Milan and the Fondazione di Comunità Milano.

Various artists and designers are participating in the creation of eight murals. After starting in the neighborhoods of Bovisa and Portello, the initiative passed into the hands of the designer Serena Confalonieri, who was given the task of depicting the identity of the Città Studi neighborhood. Created during the week of July 12, 2021, the mural in via Bassini 26 painted by Orticanoodles, a Milanese mural collective, shows off the designer’s graphic design. It started “from the idea of being able to sum up some of the characteristics and symbols of this neighborhood in the words “Città Studi”, allowing the design to be read in two different ways” the designer explained. She said that her intention was “to let the aesthetic impact prevail on first sight with forms and elements that recall the area’s institutions and architecture, while on second sight one will notice that these elements form letters that make up the name ‘Città Studi’.”

The work of art can be found on the building’s façade and the wall around the AVIS headquarters in the northeast of the city. The letters created by the designer are an homage to the various elements that characterize the neighborhood: from the mosaics of the buildings in the old Milan to the ornamentation of the 1920s’ villas (in the two “T”s), the entrance of the architecture faculty (revisited in “A”), the graphic design of Gio Ponti (in the “I”), the open book (a symbol of culture and the various universities) that creates the “C”, the symbol of medicine of the Rod of Asclepius in the “S”, the letters that evoke the university faculties (the astrophysics “I”, the engineering “U” and the molecular chemistry “T”). Lastly, the flower of the “D” symbolizes the Botanical Garden in via Golgi and the accent depicts a drop of blood in honor of AVIS.

It’s impossible to not be struck and fascinated by it. The design even extends to the surrounding wall in an explosion of colors and sensation which, in addition to referencing Serena Confalonieri’s style, provide passersby with the youthful and vibrant atmosphere of this neighborhood.

This bright and modern piece of art inserted in the greater Neighborhood by neighborhood campaign was created by Milano&partners. It is meant to promote and allow people to discover each of Milan’s neighborhoods. Now the only thing left to do is to organize a city tour in search of the eight murals.



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