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source: Maison&Objet Paris

| Designbest editorial staff


ilence is the keyword for this year’s Maison&Objet, the Parisian fair which for over 20 years has kept a tab on the latest trends in interior design. From the 20th January to the 24th of the same month, Maison&Objet will once again be the place to be for professionals, design addicts and the general public. Without a doubt, M&O will be its usual vibrant self, however there’s something new this year: a special space set aside for silence, which is the main theme of the entire event. Curated by Elisabeth Leriche, the Observatory is ready: a cocoon-like space with soundproof walls and headphones for visitors. A proper detoxing space, especially designed for blocking-out the deafening outside noise, so you can zoom in on what really matters, in life as well as in the world of design. In a world made of paradoxes, where cacophonous noises measure space and time, Maison&Objet invites you to return to simpler times.

This is what will be on trend for 2017: pure shapes, geometric lines and archetypal objects, wiry structures, a juxtaposition of white and black, ethereal designs and light materials. Plus, more attention will be paid to pure and simple beauty, stripped of unnecessary frills. A sort of after-shock in an age chock-a-block of images with ultra-connected people always in a rush. However, the concept is a clear one: stop, reflect and catch your breath. Because, this is the only way we can appreciate what’s real. Similarly, to past editions, new products will be subdivided in three different sections: Maison, which includes the best in furniture and lighting design (stands 1-5), Objet for home accessories (stand 6) and Influences for inspirational interiors (pad. 7-8).

And for those of you who might still need some help, just take a look at the “whAt’s new” exhibitions with a selection of the latest trends. However, don’t worry if you can’t possibly fit the Paris fair in your busy schedule: the new Maison&Objet and More (MOM) digital platform is the perfect place to learn about all the new trends for 2017: over 15000 different pieces, brands and inspirational moodboards, handpicked by the most influential names in the field.


Where: Maison&Objet, Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition centre, Paris

When: 20 - 24 January 2017


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