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Ettore Sottsass, Arredamento casa Tretti, 1957

| Designbest editorial staff


asa Lana is the name of Ettore Sottsass’ private residence which this eclectic architect, designer, photographer and 20th century maestro designed during the mid-Seventies in Milan. He had imagined it as “a small square where you can walk around and meet people”.

And from now on you can meet people to visit this incredible work of architecture and get lost in the maestro’s world and thoughts at the Triennale Milano.

In the Sala Sottsass on the first floor of the Triennale Milano, Casa Lana has become a permanent exhibition which people can walk around, just like the square that Sottsass imagined, to visit the exhibitions and events dedicated to the architect.

The space’s layout and its philological reconstruction is the result of a team effort which started from the Triennale Milano’s archives and restoration workshop and was led by art director Christoph Radl and the curator of the space Luca Cipelletti.

We are welcomed into the central nucleus of the home, a room in the room which faithfully reproduces the original (kept intact by the Lana family) and is open to the public today thanks to the donation of Barbara Radice Sottsass. It is an enchanting and lively space which respects Sottsass’ original idea. This where the cycle of exhibitions curated by Marco Sammicheli dedicated to the maestro of design (with layout and graphic design by Christoph Radl) will take place. 

The first to go on display is Ettore Sottsass. Structure and color, which takes its title from an article written by Sottsass in 1954: paintings, drawings, photographs and objects highlight the attention the designer always gave to the relationship between humans, their needs, their rituals and their living space. There are objects which design spaces and those which make way for rituals and actions—even the invention of the post is even represented in different ways as an interior design concept.

Soon after, there will be lots of reflections on numbers and technology in Ettore Sottsass. Calculation (from May to November 2022) and we will discover the literary and storytelling power of the maestro’s works in Ettore Sottsass. The Word (from December 2022 to April 2023).

You can and certainly will be able to revisit Sottsass’ entire world in the Triennale’s Casa Lana space. It is enclosed within a wooden structure with colorful sofas which create an intimate space amongst the maestro’s well-known designs defining the various functions of the living room. As Sottsass wrote “you can identify existence or perhaps even just endure it by spending time imagining an artificial environment. I imagine it with everything that can help me and others experience it, meet each other, become ourselves, show ourselves to the world and then more or less, as much as one can, be happy”.

It's up to us to follow this advice, somewhere between the imagination and reality.

Where: Triennale di Milano, viale Alemagna 6, Milan, Italy
When: Casa Lana, permanent space; Ettore Sottsass. Structure and color until March 13, 2022

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