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Space&Interiors 2017

| Designbest editorial staff


ithout a doubt, Milan Design Week couldn’t be complete without an event on internal finishes. In fact, the Salone del Mobile, Milan presents exhibition/ event Space&Interiors 2017, which will be at The Mall in the Porta Nuova neighbourhood until Saturday the 8th April.

Set up in partnership with MADE Expo, Space&Interiors is the only event to be linked directly to the 2017 Salone del Mobile. It’s a multisensory experience, which focuses on “lightness” in modern-day living.

Overseen by brand Migliore+Servetto, the exhibition includes top of the line finishes and materials by leading Italian brands. Plus, it analyses the delicate relation between light, materials and sustainability: surfaces, floors, doors, handles, window frames, tiles, finishes and superior quality decorations. The itinerary takes the shape of an evocative promenade with a variety of different settings, anything from commercial schemes to purely inspirational ideas.

One side is taken up by the most renowned brands in the field, the other is an evocative itinerary of light and shadows. Here, exhibition Absolute lightness takes centre stage: large mirrors create the illusion of a much larger space and act as a backdrop to quotes, product images, suspended structures and projections. Also worth of note is exhibition La Luce del Marmo (lit. the light of marble), which focuses on the delicate balance between light and Carrara marble, and is promoted by IMM (the Italian institute of resistant materials). This 350 sqm space takes the form of a real museum itinerary: installation BlockTheRock leads the way, a gigantic block in Carrara marble cleverly lit from the inside, which towers over the square opposite the main entrance. What’s more, the interior is taken over by a series of objects, especially made by international designers and lit by special spotlights.

Similarly to last year, there will be many opportunities for an in-depth analysis as well as Archicocktails open to all. So, an event clearly not to be missed: key players on the architectural and interior design scene will be here to talk about current themes and the latest trends.


Where: The Mall, 1 piazza Lina Bo Bardi, Milan, Italy

Where: ongoing – Saturday 8th April 2017 (door closes at 8.30 pm )



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