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STILL / LIFE – Tapio Wirkkala Retrospective - Emma Museum, Helsinki

| Designbest editorial staff


s the name might suggest, the designer Tapio Wirkkala was always true to his Scandinavian origins. And to celebrate the Finnish designer’s creative genius, the Emma Museum in Helsinki has just opened a new exhibition space designed by Studio Wanderlust’s Johanna Brummer and Heini-Emilia Saari.

Curated by Harri Koskinen who knew the designer personally, STILL / LIFE – Tapio Wirkkala Retrospective is on display in the new museum extension, especially planned to house temporary exhibitions on the world of design.

The curator Harri Koskinen illustrates the career of Tapio Wirkkala with sculptures, one-of-a-kind pieces and mass-produced objects. Tapio Wirkkala is known for his versatility, going from jewellery design to designing stamps and from land art to exhibition design.

The itinerary is split into two different sections: on one side, a viewing platform with the designer’s most exclusive pieces and on the other, display cabinets full of everyday objects. The main theme however remains the same: with great dexterity, Tapio Wirkkala was capable of moulding any material in any scale. 

Tapio Wirkkala was a visionary designer, a great sculpture and above all, one of the most versatile modern designers. So, this exhibition offers a comprehensive panorama of the designer’s work and an opportunity to take a peek at the archives Tapio built with his wife (with whom we worked in partnership) that house prototypes, sketches and examples of their entire production.


Where: Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Helsinki - Finland
When: ongoing - 22 April 2018



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