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Tecno presents "Zanotta: Stories" (ph. Andrea Martiradonna)

| Designbest editorial staff


wo parallel paths, the same expertise and professionalism. With this premises in mind, six months ago Zanotta was acquired by Tecno, and the two joined forced to promote Italian design around the world.

Tecno’s current challenge is to give new momentum to Zanotta; this comes across in the exhibition Zanotta: Stories. Zanotta: Stories is a virtual home inhabited by a cosmopolitan crowd, who enjoy all the advantages of contemporary living.
The Caselli Daziari (the old tollgates of the city) in Piazza XXV Aprile in Milan provide the perfect stage for this iconic, lighthearted and intelligent picture of contemporary living. Here, Zanotta is presented to the world as the brand that perfectly understands all the needs of contemporary living. Urban farmers, new nomads, digital creatives and hyperconnected people are seen going from the bedroom to the living room in a succession of suggestive and emotional domestic scenarios. And the imprint that they leave in turn mixes together food, memories, technology, affections and ideas for the future.

Once again, the great attention to detail typical of Made in Italy design, is what stands out in this dramatic setting designed by Studio Calvi Brambilla. Without a doubt, the success of this event is down to Zanotta and Tecno; these two top brands have brought a breath of fresh air to the world of design, anticipating the new needs of the future.


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