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The architecture of Piero Portaluppi remembered in Milan

| Designbest editorial staff


ortaluppi, architettura spettacolo da Expo a Milano: this exhibition curated by Alessandro Scadurra is a tribute to the great architect Piero Portaluppi (1888-1967).

Portaluppi, architettura spettacolo da Expo a Milano will run from the 26th June until the 31st October 2015. And it couldn’t be anywhere else than the foundation which bares his name (Fondazione Portaluppi), located in the heart of old Milan, between corso Magenta and via San Vittore to be more precise. What’s more, you only need to step inside this ‘40s building to grasp its rich history. Design projects, drawings, photographs and scale models take you on a journey through Portaluppi’s intense architectural production between the twenties and the sixties. Special consideration is paid to the Barcellona Expo of 1929, an event for which Portaluppi designed and built the Italian pavilion. 

Video clips by the architect and a trailer of his autobiographical film L’amatore (the lover) frame the exhibition. And this helps us to learn about Portaluppi’s career, alongside some of the most noteworthy aspects of his private life. His father was an engineer; he graduated from the polytechnic of Milan in 1910, where he was awarded a gold medal by the Collegio degli Ingegneri e Architetti (the architectural and engineering board) for being the best student. Then, he worked in partnership with Ettore Conti, “king” in the field of electrics and in 1939 he married Conti’s daughter, who gave him two children. What’s more, this alliance helped him to become the favourite architect of the Milanese bourgeoisie.

Piero Portaluppi is without doubt one most historic and iconic Milanese architects. In fact, you just need to remember that his body of work includes some of the key landmarks in the city of Milan: Planetario Hoepli, Banca Commerciale Italiana, Casa Crespi, Società Buonarroti-Carpaccio-Giotto and Villa Necchi Campiglio. And also: the new churchyard of the Duomo, Palazzo Ina in Piazza Diaz, Palazzo Ras in via Torino, the headquarters of the Federazione dei Fasci in piazza San Sepolcro and the Palazzo dell'Arengario designed in partnership with Muzio, Magistretti and Griffini, the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica and the Ospedale Maggiore in Università Statale…

This list could be a lot longer and indeed this exhibition is proof of this. In fact, Piero Portaluppi left an enduring mark on the city of Milan; contributing in a large way to turning Milan into an international centre.

Where: Fondazione Portaluppi, via Morozzo della Rocca 5, Milano

When: fino al 31 ottobre 2015



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