Riflessi, table Shangai Art - design Lucamaleonte (ph. credits Pambianco Communication)

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iflessi’s journey in the world of art continues. Since last June in fact, this Italian interior design brand continues pursuing its special project Riflessi Art.

Riflessi has always considered the Italian cultural heritage as something important to safeguard and support and it’s for this reason that with the project Rilfessi Art, the brand strives to promote art and convey, through creative stimuli, a feel for beauty in all its forms.

This is why to mark the artist Lucamaleonte’s first solo exhibit, who incidentally is one of the top current Italian and international street artists, Riflessi joins Milan’s 7ettanta6ei Gallery to present the exhibition Materia Madre.

There are 24 different pieces on display, of which 23 are painted in acrylic on a wooden board and one is on canvas, as well as two wallpaper patterns that the artist has made for PPPattern, the first online store that focuses on Italian mass-produced pieces. In addition, the exhibition includes Shangai Art, a table in epoxy resin that is part of a collection of artistic pieces especially made for the last Fuorisalone.

Without a doubt, wood, or in other words the “prime material” that inspires the title of this exhibition, is the focus of the event, although the unique table Shangai Art attracts the visitors’ gaze too.


Where: 7ettanta6ei Gallery, via 39 Felice Casati, Milano

When: until 22 December 2018


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