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THE COUCH, the official podcast from B&B Italia. (ph: collection Le Bambole - design Mario Bellini)

| Designbest editorial staff


he Couch, or the art of staying at home by B&B Italia. This is the name of the brand’s official podcast curated by writer/journalist David Plaisant which, in addition to highlighting the home’s central role in this moment, offers interesting anecdotes, untold stories and the behind-the-scenes looks at this symbol of Made In Italy design.

Each week new topics will be covered with international figures—designers, writers, collectors and curators—who will have an open dialogue on design culture. The seven-episode series starts with the importance of the home, which in this period has, like never before, become the central hub of our lives.

In fact, the first episode What makes a home looks into the ways we use our domestic space by analyzing modern home design and its ability to bring together the comforting feeling of a getaway home and the practical and dynamic part that comes from the new needs of contemporary home design.

Following that there is Know your couch which, through the iconic seating by B&B Italia like Up5 by Gaetano Pesce or Le Bambole by Mario Bellini, will take us on a voyage through radical design and the most irreverent advertisements of the age. Then, under the guidance of Mario Bellini, Crafted Industry will have us explore the true essence of design.

This new form of storytelling has been chosen by B&B Italian to bring the public closer to the world of design and to have them better know the brand’s history and philosophy. All the episodes of The Couch will be posted on B&B Italia’s social media pages and available on their website, Apple Podcast, Spotify and Google Podcasts.


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