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Confórmi, "Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Throne of Saint Peter VS Philippe Starck, Louis Ghost" (courtesy Kartell)

| Designbest editorial staff


leader in the field of plastics, Kartell’s 70-year-long history centres on research, innovation, technology and art. To celebrate this momentous occasion no location could be more appropriate than the Palazzo Reale. In fact, Appartamento dei Principi houses the exhibition The art side of Kartell that unfolds in a dramaturgy of conventional memories, hybrid narratives, individual experiences and visual suggestions.

"Since over the years Kartell and design have come into contact with other languages, not forgetting the world of art, we precisely would like to focus on this relationship”, explains Claudio Luti, president of Kartell and the Salone del Mobile.
In fact, the exhibition curators Ferruccio Laviani and Rita Selvaggio put on display the brand’s artistic spirit, in an immersive and vibrant, fragmentary and timeless dimension that emphasises a constant cross-reference between design and painting, sculpture, cinema and photography. Thus chairs, tables, vases, sofas and the objects that are no longer in production are combined with collective experiences, prototypes, experiments with materials, paintings, sculptures, installations and documents.

The art side of Kartell illustrates 70 years of influences, in other words the historical and artistic evolution of domestic life and style: an itinerary that spans approximately 1000 square meters and that it additionally includes famous artists such as Maurizio Cattelan and Vanessa Beecroft or famous photographers such as Giovanni Gastel, Gabriele Basilico, Helmut Newton.

It’s not a coincidence that the exhibition begins with the seven Electric chairs, sculptural chairs in clear polycarbonate and white neon made by Kartell in 2011 for the director Bob Wilson’s 70th birthday, besides you are able to admire the works of art especially created to mark this occasion by contemporary artists such as Enrico David and Heimo Zobernig, Emilio Tadini, Roberto Sambonet or Ron Arad.

"It’s a form of cohabitation - assures Ferruccio Laviani - between design and art, between industrial production and unique pieces". A packed itinerary with the promise of dreamlike and surreal backdrops, layered memories and mental maps, aimed at helping the visitors discover the world of Kartell, composed by inspirations and mass-produced series, visionary experiments and aesthetic sense rooted in Kartell’s genetic makeup.

In a succession of the dramatic, prestigious rooms of the Appartamento dei Principi, The art side of Kartell explores seventy years of ordinary and extraordinary events. Besides, it offers a new point of view, the domestic scenarios of the brand and its cultural and artistic visions, capable of anticipating the times and outliving any fashion, still after seven decades.


Where: Palazzo Reale, Appartamento del Principe, 12 Piazza Duomo, Milan, Italy
When: 10 April – 12 May 2019



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