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Alcantara Unordinary Space, Shanghai Aurora Museum

| Designbest editorial staff


nordinary Space is a new exhibition inspired by the world of Alcantara textiles. Unordinary Space will be at the Aurora Museum of Shanghai until the 28th February 2016.

Unordinary Space is overseen by Davide Quadrio and shows exhibits by two Chinese artists, Yin Xiuzhen and Liu Shiyuan, as well as installations by Italian designer Gentucca Bini. All the exhibits on show are in Alcantara textiles and successfully dialogue with their surrounding environment. In fact, Unordinary Space draws links with both physical and abstract spaces, it  connects the Aurora building, a landmark in the Shanghai skyline, to the neighbouring museum by Tadao Ando. 

The unique works of art, dressed in Alcantara by the three artists, can be divided into three different themes: space seen as a vessel, space seen as a surface and space seen as a digital platform.

Undoubtedly, visitors will observe space and light taking on various forms and shapes; this is an almost sartorial experience. The exhibition starts with Yin’s Digestive Cavity, it welcomes us like a large vessel and it gradually takes on the form of a cocoon, also offering us opportunities for meditation. We then move to the Chandelier Hall; this space has been completely altered by works of art by Gentucca Bini. What’s more, the Aurora Museum becomes a real sensorial and kaleidoscopic experience.

The third installation, Love Poem by Liu, is the final exhibit on show. It’s a sort of digital collage of poems, set against a backdrop of different colours, patterns and decorations, which are in turn broken up by Alcantara textiles. Definitely, a must see!


Where: Aurora Museum, Shanghai, China

When: ongoing - 28 February 2016

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