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Giulio Cappellini holding the book "Metodo Cappellini. Il sogno declinato".

| Designbest editorial staff


n the 25th May at the Milan showroom, Italian brand Cappellini launched a new book, edited by Electa: Metodo Cappellini. Il sogno declinato (lit. the Cappellini method: a performing dream). Metodo Cappellini is a monograph, or rather a notebook filled with different memories and anecdotes, which illustrate the past and present of brand Cappellini.

This book mentions a variety of different characters, who throughout the years have populated the world of interior design, as well as extraordinary encounters (like meeting Elizabeth II). A story made of insightful moments, planned risks and different creative concepts, which have accompanied Giulio Cappellini on his journey through the world of interior design.

There’s a huge question mark on the front cover, while the actual title is on the back. By doing so, Giulio Cappellini invites you to discover what his method is all about and enter the magical world of design, because as he puts it “the main thing is to try to make people smile and dream”. So, what better than a question mark to prompt people's thoughts, dream new dreams and push boundaries.   

Through a series of anecdotes, words, memories, objects and character portraits, Metodo Cappellini illustrates the “method” of one of the top entrepreneurs and designers around. This method includes formal precision and creative freedom, driven by cohesive motivations and moulded by contradicting creative instincts.

This unique type of creative process has helped the brand Cappellini to fulfil one, or rather, several small dreams. After thirty years in the business, Cappellini take us on a journey through the world of interior design, writing a sort of personal diary, namely the story of Giulio Cappellini and his brand.

There a chapters on art, inspirations and passions, some describe other designers and others his travel companions (from the Bouroullec brothers to Piero Lissoni, from Achille Castiglioni to Marcel Wanders just to name a few). There are pages which speak a creative language and some which praise freedom of expression, pages which talk about the risk-takers and others which tell us about the talent scouts in the industry. Then, there are the Limited Editions, namely handmade series, and also iconic pieces which are now part of the permanent collections of museums around the world. What’s more, these are pieces which live on in people’s homes, source of great pride for Giulio. 

Metodo Cappellini is full of interesting anecdotes, as well as the author’s charming personality. Furthermore, Giulio Cappellini ironically dedicates this book “to all those unsavoury people who say design doesn’t get you anywhere”.

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