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MAXXI Casa Mondo  - Superstudio, "Fundamental Acts. Life (Supersurface). Spring Cleaning" (Courtesy Fondazione MAXXI)

| Designbest editorial staff


e have never fully lived our homes like we have this year, transforming spaces and reinventing them according to new needs. That’s why MAXXI in Rome has conceived of a show entirely dedicated to the home.

Casa Mondo is Museo MAXXI’s first digital exhibition project entirely conceived of and developed for Instagram by Studio Formafantasma on the account @MAXXICasaMondo. It is a digital exhibition that involves a dream team of international designers: Bêka & Lemoine, Humberto Campana, Didier Fiuza Faustino, Sou Fujimoto, Konstantin Grcic, Martí Guixé, Patricia Urquiola. Among the most important designers on the international scene, these seven interpreters were called to reflect upon and propose their vision on the themes and functions of home design.

The home that becomes a world—our world especially during the months of lockdown—where even the activities usually carried out outside were channeled into our rooms. The project, curated by Domitilla Dardi and Elena Tinacci, is centered on this domestic metamorphosis and invites us to reflect on the home through a series of posts. “It isn’t the translation of a real exhibition into a digital one. It is neither a virtual tour nor a virtual gallery, but rather a project made ad hoc by thinking about the public during lockdown who followed us with great engagement”, they explained.

And like every well-designed project, this starts from the basics as well: videos, photographs, essays and extracts presented by the seven interpreters who one by one become the account’s posters for a week and present their ideas through digital designs, rendering, collages, watercolors, animations and videos. They are design reflections, not products, which often offer enlightened visions that express a more conceptual take on home design. “The old partitioning of the 19th century home no longer holds up. It no longer makes sense to speak of rooms, but rather of care for the body and mind, of learning and exploring”, explains Domitilla Dardi.

The home, a place that maintains important value, is at the center of every project, but there is especially the world, which our home in these months was able to welcome and represent. And together the two elements create an ensemble design that gives us the dimension of working progress and engages the public by allowing them to leave comments without filters, just as one would do in the museum.



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