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The Value of Good Design - MoMA  (courtesy: The Museum of Modern Art, New York. ph: John Wronn)

| Designbest editorial staff


he Salone del Mobile 2019 has recently closed its doors and stimulated by the MoMA in New York, we’ve began asking ourselves the current value of Good Design. Held at MoMA, The Value of Good Design is in fact an exhibition that focuses on democratizing design as well as the Good Design movement, popular from the thirties to fifties.

Subsequent to the Bauhaus movement (the German design school popular in the twenties), the industrial design department of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, overseen by Eliot Noyes, begun analysing the idea of well-made, functional design. Besides, as a provocation, the department invited everybody to reconsider their purchasing habits.

In present times, Good Design combined with a war to consumerism is an extremely hot topic; this is why Juliet Kinchin, the curator of the exhibition at the MoMA, wanted to bring this concept back, transforming  it into a creative motivation for designers and the general public alike. Are we buying functional things? Are they beautiful? Will they last? Are they sustainable? What are they made of? We should be asking ourselves these exact questions when we make a purchase (often impulsive), trying to correctly evaluate an object that inevitably alters in relation to a distinctive place and time.

The exhibition poses the same questions, an itinerary that includes furniture, electric appliances, pottery, transport vehicles, toys, graphic design as well as sporting goods. The objects on display arrive from all over the world in an effort to demonstrate that Good Design has become over time a vital social and economic tool, additionally capable of influencing the technological progress of the post-war era.

The Fiat 500, the Sony television set, the kitchen chairs made in Brazil and the Soviet camera: in the rooms of the Museum, fragments of history prompt a reflection that’s partly self-criticism (the curators prompts the visitors to question whether the objects on display are Good Design) and partly self-promotion (in the Good Design Lab in fact, there is an interactive part with objects on sale in the MoMA Design Store). An exhibition aimed at rediscovering Design with a capital "D".


Where: MoMA by New York, 11 W 53rd St, NY 10019, U.S.A

When:  until the 15th June 2019


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