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hades of red: Campari Gallery, designs and art installations. 

Galleria Campari in Sesto San Giovanni is dressed in red (Campari red, of course) and takes us through a multisensory experience, which brings iconic designs and sound art installations together. And this results in tactile and visual journey.

The exhibition I colori del rosso (Shades of red), will run until October 31st 2015. I colori del rosso is overseen by Marina Mojana, art director of Campari Gallery, in partnership with FG Confaloneri graphic design studio, colour expert Francesca Valan and colour designer Lia Luzzatto. The colour red, which distinguishes the Campari drink, takes centre stage. The five themed rooms take you on a journey coloured in ruby-red, passing through ojects, designer clothes and even furnishings. 

You will go on a journey from the iconic Ferrari to the legendary Olivetti typewriter, passing through Ferragamo fashions and even armchairs by Kartell and Magis. This exhibition focuses on the vital importance the colour red has had, over the centuries, in the arts, politics, psychology, design and sociology.

 “Jump into the red” is the statement you’ll find right at the entrance of this exhibition. This is an invitation to explore the visual and audio installations of the exhibiton, diving into the different shades of this colour, from shiny bright hues to deeper shades. Finally, experience the “colour wheel” and learn about the hue range of the colour red. 

The visually impressive design section with iconic pieces by some of the most important designers around: Alessandro Mendini, Franco Albini, Gio Ponti, Joe Colombo, Matteo Ragni, just to name a few. The common theme is clearly this: the elegant colour ruby-red.

As soon as you step inside, you’ll feel like you are in an enchanted place. In fact, this part is dedicated to the importance that red has in stories and fairytales:  an unexpected footage that takes you on a journey through fanciful symbols and whimsical feelings.

Interactive displays, overseen by Oikos Fragrances, complete the visitor experience. Four different fragrances will enable you to experience red using the sense of smell. This journey ends with another interactive display: a game played with five objects from the five different continents, helping visitors to learn about the meaning of the colour red in the different cultures around the world. And you have the final say: what does the colour red mean to you?


Where: Galleria Campari, Sesto San Giovanni (Milan)

When : until October 31st 2015

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