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Turin Design Museum

| Designbest editorial staff


riginally housed in the Galliano Habitat showroom in None, on the outskirts of the city of Turin, north west Italy, the Turin Design Museum will now have a second site right in the centre of town. And what’s more, there will be a special kids’ area.

In fact, every month, the new Design Museum will host workshops to familiarize children, through play, with different shapes and objects. And all are welcomed to learn about the world of design. The museum display includes both icons which have played a crucial role in design history, and everyday objects like coffee pots, cutlery, clothes pegs and the Tratto Pen marker. The Turin Design Museum illustrates how general taste and ways of life have changed throughout the years, highlighting how our daily lives are spent rubbing shoulders with great design.

Special attention is also paid to communication and evolving technology. In fact, the exhibition itinerary includes the iconic Olivetti typewriter, the Brionvega TV and the Stet telephone, all products which stand for symbols of the Italian economic boom. And then, we reach the present with a kaleidoscope of shapes and colours; this illustrates how society has evolved throughout the years, shining a light on the history of Italian design. 

Where: Galliano Habitat, via Pietro Micca 12, Turin, Italy


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